About mindfulness

Mindfulness is easy, and it works.

Over 25,000 research studies show lasting benefits in reducing stress, increasing focus and productivity, and helping teams work better. 

Here’s what you do in a mindfulness course:

  • learn to develop calm awareness in the present moment, through breathing and other meditations (even a 10 second pause makes a difference)
  • learn to tune into the body as a way to directly experience feelings and emotions
  • recognise our habits and patterns of reaction to stress and difficulties
  • develop our emotional intelligence and learn to respond to stressful stimuli in a more considered way
  • practice being kind to ourselves and others

Research shows that with 8 weeks of training one has a significant increase in the ability for sustained attention, emotional regulation and perspective taking. So one can expect to:

  • remain more calm and focused in the face of multiple demands
  • communicate more clearly, direct thoughts more appropriately and focus more consistently
  • work better within teams, with clients and with other stakeholders
  • show improved mood and working memory
  • exhibit less stress, anxiety, and depression
  • be more productive and positive about work
  • show greater emotional alertness and more empathy

Our own approach is thoroughly grounded in the ancient wisdom of mindfulness. However, we also know that the basic training model needs to be made accessible for busy people. Our courses make it quick, easy, and relevant.