Mindfulness Taster course

This short course aims to introduce you to mindfulness, and includes a few short practices that you can start using right away.

You can open each section, and work through at your own pace, and read, listen to, or download materials whenever you choose.

This was prepared by Simon Michaels of Mindful Work, for Action for Children.

Course introduction
What is mindfulness?
The following video and notes define what mindfulness is, and how it works: What is mindfulness?
The science of mindfulness
This video and notes explain how mindfulness can change your brain. The science of mindfulness
Mindful breathing and the '10 second re-boot'
These notes introduce mindful breathing practice. Mindful breathing   This 7 minute video guides you in how to do the ’10 second re-boot – a quick de-stress technique.  
Kindness and compassion
Notes on kindness in the workplace. Kindness and compassion
Staying grounded
How to stay grounded in stressful situations. Staying ground and mindful moments  
Guided meditations
These short mp3s can be listened to now, or downloaded to use on a mobile phone for example whenever you need them. A one-minute body scan:



DownloadA two-minute calm-down using breathing as a focus:




What to do next

If you’re new to mindfulness or you just dip in and out of apps and articles, I strongly recommend that you take an 8 week course. The daily practice over two months can be transformative.  Make sure the teacher has long meditation experience.

If you’ve done an 8 week course, the challenge is to keep it going. Find ways to integrate the practices into everyday activities. Try to make even a 5 minute practice time every morning and set a simple intention, such as ‘I will be kind in all my interactions today’.

I offer 8 week online courses with remote coaching if needed, with a focus on bringing mindfulness into the workplace.

See this introduction to the self-led online course