Some recent case studies


Action for Children

Simon has now trained over 200 staff members, in an 8 week programme. As employees are all around the UK, the training was delivered entirely online using webinars and web-based learning materials.

Results are impressive, averaging over 50 % improvement in stress management capacity and productivity.  Many further employees are lining up to do the training, with many starting with the Taster course or the Five to Nine app. Simon is also creating some bespoke guidance for mindful meetings and specific client groups.

HR manager Craig Cole said:

‘This is the most popular wellbeing training we’ve ever run; there’s a real buzz in the offices, with those who’ve been trained informally helping others. We think it’s made a significant difference already.’




Pembrokeshire County Council

Simon trained 15 members of the in-house coaching and Occupational Health team, to bring mindfulness into their work. Over the course of two half-day workshops, basic skills were introduced and staff considered how to build this into client interactions. They also learned how to give simple tools to employees to help them cope with anxiety, change and overload.

Learning and Development Manager Sue Swan said:

‘I was able to immediately apply the training with a coachee who presented with high levels of stress and a sense of being overwhelmed.  Mindfulness work over three coaching sessions (which he diligently practiced in between) reduced his stress and anxiety to a point where he was able to be clear about what needed to change at work in order manage his workload.’



Capital Law

Simon worked with a group of 14 lawyers and operational managers to help them cope with a demanding workload and resulting anxieties. The training included face-to-face workshops, emails, texts and online resources, and ran for 6 weeks.

Whilst few participants made every workshop, the prompts and resources through other media enabled these busy people to practice when it suited them, and to learn to apply effective stress-reduction techniques that take 10 seconds or less.

HR director Paul Clayton said:

‘Simon’s training had an immediately beneficial effect. We saw productivity and chargeable time increase by around 20% and remain high, contributing to out most profitable quarter yet. Not only was it fantastic value; it’s also helped us create a happier workplace.’



Recent testimonials from trainees:

“The busy world has not gone away but I somehow feel more in tune, more aware, clearer, more relaxed and less fearful.  Thank you Simon, the learning is immeasurable.”
Jess T

“I would say that the course has made me 90% more focused.  My role involves dealing with complex issues on a daily basis and I find that I now stop, breathe and focus on the now, before responding to anything.”
John C

“The way the course is organised is very simple, practical, and useful. everything is so easy to understand, and so well done.”
Patricia B

“I would recommend anyone who is trying to take control of their whirlwind lives give this course a chance because I have felt more grounded, massively more focused in work and generally happier since I started it. My favourite is smiling. So simple, so quick but it lightens everything.”
Jayne T

“Helped focus my attention and learn techniques to use when stressed”
Sheila C

” I’d say I handle stress 70% better and I’m  70% more productive. I feel alive again and in touch with the world!!! I have a spring in my step and my mind feels sharper/more alert.  I now see the world and others in it, instead of head down and how much can I get done in a day…merely coping and existing….I am now living!”
Sharron J