How the coaching works


If you need individual support to deal with stress, or you’re experiencing a crisis at work, I’m a qualified coach and I’m here to help.

First, we’ll scope your issues, make sure we feel we can work together, then plan a programme.

For example, this might include working on:

  • dealing with a heavy workload with ease
  • getting on better with others or addressing conflict
  • building confidence and motivation
  • clarifying values and what really matters to you

We can do this by phone, Skype, or face to face (we’re in Cardiff, Wales).

Simon and his trusted colleagues have all been practising mindfulness meditation for many years, as well as being experienced coaches, so we are familiar with most of the experiences and difficulties that may arise.

What happens in the coaching sessions?

First of all this is a chance to dump all your worries in complete confidence. You will be listened to without judgement. We’ll clarify the issues and chunk stresses down into what’s actually happened, and why that’s triggered a stress reaction. I’ll then help you to recognise your response patterns and the practical steps you need to take. We’ll also identify some appropriate mindfulness exercises that will keep you calm, with a clear head, when things get difficult.

My credentials

I’m 59 and I’ve been in consulting for about 30 years. I started in environmental planning and went on to focus on business advice, especially in the third sector. I found all kinds of stresses – work overload, difficult people, self doubt etc. But about 20 years ago I started practising mindfulness and have kept at it, with a daily practice and regular retreats. The result was not just a happier frame of mind – my work kept getting easier. So now I’ve put my consulting expertise and mindfulness together. I have an MA and several further qualifications as a coach, mindfulness teacher and business advisor.

Here’s what a couple of clients have said recently:

“The most astonishing benefit I have experienced is an improved ability to cope with huge amounts of stress and pressure from my work and home demands. It only takes me a minute to be mindful, the benefits are timeless.” JC (business owner) Sept 2016

“As a manager, it’s important that I learn to cope well with change and uncertainty because the quality of my attention and awareness has a direct impact on the people that I manage. I’m still learning how to handle this challenging climate better and even though the stresses are still there, moment-by-moment awareness is helping me to achieve a calm and responsive frame of mind at work and increased job satisfaction.” SS (public sector manager) Oct 2016

I limit the number of coaching clients I have at any one time, so I may not be able to see you immediately.  I’ll put you on the waiting list and advise when my next slot is available. Before we agree to get started we’ll have a scoping phone call, so that we both feel sure it’s the right thing to be doing.

Why are you interested in coaching?