Face to face training

Nothing really replaces meeting in person.

The best, and most cost-effective programmes, blend face-to-face with online resources.

We run group workshops, as well as offering individual coaching.

Group workshops

First, we’ll meet with key managers or leaders to scope out your unique issues.

Then we’ll jointly agree a plan, which could include:

  • a taster session
  • half-day or full-day workshops
  • longer programmes to fully develop the skills fully

Training themes can be generic or specific, for example:

  • simple mindfulness tips for immediate use
  • mindful meetings and communication
  • creating better team interactions


Small group mindfulness workshop

Individual coaching

If you need individual support to deal with stress, or you’re experiencing a crisis at work, I’m a qualified coach and I’m here to help.

We can do this by phone, Skype, or face to face (I’m in Cardiff).

First, we’ll scope your issues, make sure we feel we can work together, then plan a programme.

For example, this might include working on:

  • dealing with a heavy workload with ease
  • getting on better with others or addressing conflict
  • building confidence and motivation
  • clarifying values and what really matters to you

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Individual coaching

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