Course feedback December 2019

Our latest training cohort was a great group (well done to you all!) and they came back with the following average levels of impact:

How much better are you able to manage stress ?  average 81%

How much more focused or productive do you find you can be? average 72%

How much happier do you feel at work ? average 63%


This feedback was based on a cohort of 21 people working through the 8 week Manage Workplace Stress course, with regular participatory webinars led by Simon Michaels.

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Here are some verbatim comments from participants:

'I feel 100% better with managing stress, both personally and in work. I am more aware of feeling and bringing myself back to the present moment and not allowing feelings to become negative or have a negative effect on my health or well being.'

'I have taken on an additional more senior role during this course but am still calm and I think 80% more productive.'

'I liked the course the way it was facilitated. I had the support of the group but felt I had one to one input. The best of both worlds.'

'I really found the basics useful like taking pauses, the 10 second reboot, being aware of feelings, sounds, smells etc. I have also been taking much better care of myself and finding time just for me.'

'You have helped me through quite a difficult time in my life and I have gained skills that will stay with me for life. I am managing things so much better now than I ever did in the past and I am feeling the benefits of this. Thanks again.'