Stay calm and thrive in stressful situations

  Cope better with high levels of demand

  Improve focus, efficiency and creativity

  Get on better with colleagues and clients

  Take back control of your life

How mindfulness a nutshell

Get focused

Your concentration will improve and you'll be less distracted by worries about what's in the past or what might happen next.

Stay calm

You'll learn to pause before reacting, giving yourself a moment to stay grounded, get perspective, and respond wisely.

Be amazing

You'll open your mind to new ideas and be more creative, get on better with colleagues and clients, and be your best.

Let's find the right tools and training to
reduce stress at work for you or your team ...

I'm a leader: I want to...

Line manager with mindfulness training

Offer relevant tools and training for my employees to reduce stress and improve productivity

Become a more mindful leader and train others in mindfulness skills

Explore how we can create a more mindful organisation to build resilience to change

I'm an individual: I want to...

No more stress at work!Make a simple start with mindfulness & get some free tools

Take a full 6 or 8 week mindfulness course, relevant to me

Join free webinars, get coaching or join retreats

Become a workplace mindfulness trainer

What our clients say

“Most trainees are managing stressful scenarios much better, and motivation is tangibly better. There’s a real buzz in the services, with those who’ve been trained informally helping others, so it’s made a significant difference already.”

Happy client of mindfulness training
Craig Cole
Head of Safety, Health, and Wellbeing
Action for Children

“Simon trained some of our senior lawyers and managers. We saw productivity and chargeable time increase by around 20%, contributing to our most profitable quarter yet - so it was great value, and helped us create a happier workplace.”

Law firm manager after reducing stress at work
Paul Clayton
HR Director
Capital Law and Capital People


 - averages from last 3 training cohorts

Clients of workplace mindfulness training to tackle workplace stress