Stress can wreck mental and physical health. If you’re a leader, you might lose key staff and see productivity plummet. So you better see it coming.


Here are 10 symptoms to watch for in yourself and others:

  • Getting more impatient, intolerant or moody
  • Eating badly, missing meals, drinking too much coffee or alcohol
  • Multi-tasking yet not finishing things, or over-focusing on one thing
  • Feeling out of control or overly pessimistic
  • Getting more angry and blaming others or self
  • Old health problems re-emerging, eg skin, musculoskeletal, allergies
  • Breathing more shallowly, or changes in normal heartbeat
  • Becoming socially introverted
  • Worrying a lot or feeling a loss of hope
  • Never switching off but not getting on top of workload

In essence stress gets unhealthy when demand outstrips our capacity. At this point we start to get mentally or physically ill.

Organisations that take employee wellbeing seriously are those that will survive the stresses and uncertainties of the Brexit era. I believe that this means both creating a supportive organisational culture, as well as providing programmes that strengthen individual resilience.