Webinar recorded from a cohort on Week 7 (25 mins – see learning materials screenshot at 11 mins – note that chat box comments and other participants are not shown on the recording)

Course participants re the model of delivery:

Course participant re personal impacts:

Client testimonials

“Simon was commissioned to train 5 cohorts of around 20 people, in an 8 week programme. As employees are all around the UK, the training was delivered entirely online using webinars and web-based learning materials.

Results were impressive, averaging over 50 % improvement in stress management capacity and productivity.  We’re now exploring how to train many more employees such as by creating in-house facilitators, and introducing people using a simple starter pack.

This has been a very popular and successful wellbeing programme; there’s a real buzz in the services, with those who’ve been trained informally helping others. We think it’s made a significant difference already.”

Craig Cole
Head of Safety, Health, and Wellbeing
Action for Children

“Simon worked with a group of 14 lawyers and operational managers to help them cope with a demanding workload and resulting anxieties. The training included face-to-face workshops, emails, texts and online resources, and ran for 6 weeks.

Whilst few participants made every workshop, the prompts and resources through other media enabled these busy people to practice when it suited them, and to learn to apply effective stress-reduction techniques that take 10 seconds or less.

Simon’s training had an immediately beneficial effect. We saw productivity and chargeable time increase by around 20% and remain high, contributing to our most profitable quarter yet. Not only was it fantastic value; it’s also helped us create a happier workplace.”

Paul Clayton
HR Director
Capital Law and Capital People