Retreat at Maitreya House October 5-10th

‘Limitless mind; limitless compassion’

Most of the time we walk around in a limited world view. We construct our reality and inhabit it. We create our own prison walls.

Yet our mind’s true nature is infinite, open, always fresh, and allows endless possibilities.

In meditation, flashes of this truth can appear. The more we glimpse it and see that it is constant (because there is nothing there to change), the more our confidence builds in the wisdom of this underlying reality.

We will also notice that in this openness, there is no malice, judgement, or pre-disposition. More than that, it is imbued with loving kindness – a kind of reverberation like the sound after a bell has been struck.

In this silent retreat, Simon will guide the group, and each person individually, with practices that point to this truth and may open up direct experience of mind nature.

To help open the mind to its limitless quality, we’ll spend an evening with an astronomer, and star gaze with a powerful telescope if we have clear skies.

The retreat may be joined on a 3 day or 5 day basis:

3 days: arrive Thurs evg 5th Oct, leave Sunday 8th at 3pm. Cost £245
5 days – as 3 day, but leave Tues 10th at 3pm. Cost £385.
Costs are inclusive of all food (vegan available), accommodation and teaching.
Accommodation is simple and some rooms are twins.

This retreat is open to experienced meditators only (please check with Simon on eligibility). There will be a maximum of 7 students.

Location is at Maitreya House. Enquire using the form below.

Enquire for a place here