Online mindfulness training

If you or your staff need to do something to avoid getting burnt out, or you just want to love your work again and feel you’re at your best….take action now.

Our courses comprise videos, guided meditations, notes, & exercises, and access to a huge resource library.

Watch, listen and do the exercises whenever and as often as you like.

The full, 9 week courses start at set dates, so that you can interact with a cohort of students, as well as with Simon via weekly webinars.  Here’s a quick intro:

The online courses

For you or your staff

The free 7 day challenge 

This is a taster to get the feel of mindfulness practice.

We email you one exercise each day and one audio.

The exercises are simple, and only take a few minutes.

Mindfulness in 6 minutes

A mindfulness course for the super-busy and highly-stressed.

A course that fits around your busy life. Do it on the go.

20 days, one email, one 3 minute exercise you do twice.

The full 9 week course

A full online mindfulness course, so view as often as you like.

With student interaction and weekly live webinars.

Far more material, half the cost, and lifetime access.