Experiencing the calm mind retreat

March 29th 5pm – 31st 3pm 2019

Maitreya House

Retreats are at Maitreya House in a remote corner of Herefordshire

If we can learn to recognise the spacious quality of the calm mind, we can use that wisdom to get perspective on stresses and worries.  The more we become familiar with this baseline nature of mind, the more resilient and grounded we can become.

This weekend retreat is designed for meditation and mindfulness practitioners who have completed an 8 week course, or have equivalent or deeper experience.

Friday evening will be a time to settle in, set our aspirations, and get into a lower gear, including mindful sleep exercises. Saturday will be the heart of the retreat, developing tranquillity in silence, through mindfulness of breathing, listening and slow movement. We will work both inside and in the beautiful surroundings of the retreat centre. We will continue the practice, in a lighter way, on Sunday morning, eat lunch quietly, and then review and reflect on the retreat after lunch.

Simon will lead the retreat and guide the tone of what goes on, but everyone is there to share in this work, contribute as they can, and support each other. Whilst his teaching is secular, Simon has been a committed meditation practitioner in the Buddhist tradition for over 20 years, and was ordained in 2017.

Location is at Maitreya House.

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Cost for teaching, meals and accommodation is £225.