Stillness in movement; movement in stillness

A four-day meditation and T’ai-Ji retreat
with Simon Michaels and Ad Brugman

Weds June 19th 5pm – Sun 23rd 3pm, 2019 at Maitreya House Herefordshire

When we develop tranquillity in meditation, we find that within the stillness there is movement; movement of the breath and the heart beating, movement in sounds and sights around us. Then, when we move mindfully, we can experience a sense of stillness in the movement.

After an orientation in Wednesday evening, the retreat will intersperse tranquillity meditation exercises with T’ai Ji practice, and with quiet times for personal practice inside and outside.

Simon will lead the retreat and the meditation sessions, whilst Ad will guide the T’ai Ji sessions.  This retreat is designed for those with some experience of meditation and mindfulness, not for complete beginners.

Whilst his teaching is secular, Simon has been a committed meditation practitioner in the Buddhist tradition for over 20 years, and was ordained in 2017. He continues to study the subject intensively, and has been teaching mindfulness and meditation since 2011, with a focus on workplace stress reduction.

Ad started his T’ai-Ji training in 1975 in The Netherlands and has been studying under Chungliang Al Huang since 1991. His approach to T’ai-Ji is a unique blend of mindfulness meditation and T’ai-Ji has evolved over a period of more than 30 years of meditation teaching both in the UK and abroad.

Cost for accommodation, food and teaching be between £295 and £365 depending on numbers attending. Secure your place with a £100 non-returnable deposit now: