The Self-led 8-Week Course

Apply mindfulness in the workplace to reduce stress

The self-led course is a full 8-week mindfulness programme, taken online.  You can access the course, and watch when and where you need it.

This online course contains videos, guided practices and exercises that are quick, simple, and effective.  Weekly emails help keep you on track.

Over 90% of people find it makes a ‘significant’ or ‘amazing’ difference…

It costs £95 (incl. VAT) for indivudals or we can offer reduced rates for mutli-buys…
and it’s risk-free – you have 30 days to get a full refund if it doesn’t suit you.

“I definitely feel more grateful and open minded since starting the course. I think it is something for life, not only work…” Jenny P

“This course has definitely given me the opportunity to realise that I am important and that I need to keep myself safe in stressful situations.”  Mike R

“I now see the world and others in it, instead of head down and how much can I get done in a day…merely coping and existing….I am now living! Thank you.”  Sue T

The Self-led Course (5 mins)

All of the course materials have been prepared by Simon Michaels who has 25 years experience in both business management and mindfulness.

We’re can adapt this course to meet specific stress points in your organisation.

The course runs on an online platform that can be branded for your organisation, and can help you understand more about what’s creating stress for your employees.

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