Module 1  – Summary, and what to do next


So if you’re reading this, I’m hoping that you’ve been practicing the exercises for at least 2 weeks, every day…..most days? Essentially it requires regular practice for these exercises to take effect. So if it needs a few more days, please give yourself this time.

If you’re there, congratulations. Buy yourself a wonderful coffee or a meal out to celebrate.

This is what you’ve done…

  • Begun to notice the busyness of your mind and how much of the time you’re fully present
  • Begun to notice the tendency to judge what’s around us, and what we’re doing or thinking ourselves
  • Recognised that we often operate on Autopilot
  • Recognised that we’re mostly in ‘Doing’ mode, keeping busy or distracted
  • Started to appreciate the value of ‘Being’ mode
  • Learned how to do mindful breathing – hooray, this is a gift that can change your life!
  • Started to glimpse the underlying tranquility of the ‘default’ mind – the sky behind the clouds
  • Developed some triggers and habits of pausing and breathing in the middle of a busy day

This is a huge achievement. Well done.

You’re now well on the way to being more mindful, calmer, with better focus, and less reactive to the small stresses around us.

Whilst you’ve got a long way in a few weeks, the key now is to keep the exercises going and to strengthen the new habits you’re developing. Research shows that it takes 60-90 days for new habits to embed permanently, and that means practicing most days during that time.

So a simple regime, to keep the practice going, might look like this:

  • Every second day (at least) – 30 minutes sitting practice
  • Every day, at least twice a day, pause at work or in between busy stretches
  • Keep trying out mindful approaches to mundane tasks
  • Start to be more forgiving of yourself and others

But you can set your own regime. It must feel right for you, so that you want to do it, and will build it into your lifestyle.

Of course, better still, is to complete the mindfulness training. This is a programme of another 6-8 weeks of closely guided exercises. It is proven to work, and by feeding you with a daily practice regime, you will have less excuse to let it slip!

If you want to keep going and deepen the mindfulness training, the next 3 modules are ready to go! We offer this on a membership basis . New materials and motivation will come your way on a regular basis, as well as the opportunity to network with others. You’ll have lifetime access to the course materials, so you can re-visit them as often as you like.

Module 2 is about the Tuning in to the Body. This develops our awareness of emotions arising in the body – a highly effective early warning system, which helps us put a gap between events and reactions. It also introduces mindfulness in movement so that the practice beds more and more into everyday activities – read more.

Module 3 is about the Habits and Responses. We’ll explore how our patterns of behaviour and reactions to difficulties are learnt, but can change.  We’ll also focus on creating a positive outlook and establish new, wholesome habits – read more.

Module 4 is about Being with Others. We’ll see how bringing goodwill and generosity into our daily lives in an intentional way, creates a positive interactions – and we’ll see how this builds our emotional intelligence and non-material happiness   – read more.

We'd love to hear from you. Tell us what worked best, and what you struggled with.

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