• Vanessa U

    "Since starting Mindfulness, I have really started to notice the difference short practises make. 

    Overall, I feel I am starting to gain control of manic days at work, reducing stress and anxiety when work is spiralling."

  • Katherine B

    "Starting the day with mindfulness helps calm me and have a more positive approach to tasks during the day.  This greatly reduces stress and anxiety.

    I feel through my practices, I have been far more focussed and have actually completed work quicker."

  • Jessie T

    "The best thing was the simplicity of it and making it easy to fit into our everyday life. It helps you to remember yourself and the importance of looking after you. It has helped me build upon my relationship with my daughter by using the mindfulness techniques together and helped me focus and be more mindful of others."

  • Richard M

    "I have encountered some of the techniques utilised in the mindfulness training before, but this course combined the most effective practices from these in a way that was accessible and interesting.

    Very worthwhile and useful!"