Here are a few comments by people we’ve worked with:

“Simon is very experienced and so is able to answer any questions which come up during the course of the classes, with the benefit of his experience and intelligence. He is also able to be flexible to the needs of the class, so that although he might have planned for it to go in a certain way, he will adapt the class to suit the issues which arise, spontaneously. I would highly recommend him as a mindfulness teacher.”
Caroline L, December 2013

” Simon consistently delivers sound, conscientious business advice and training for the Plunkett Foundation.
Richard Snow, Plunkett Foundation

” Before I learned mindfulness with Vishvapani stress ran my life and it was making me ill. The MBSR course taught me the skills I’ve been longing for for years to finally combat my stress and master my thoughts. It has revolutionised my state of mind and way of thinking, and I feel equipped to deal with what my life throws at me.”
Mark, a senior manager 

“I cannot overestimate the importance that the workshops and the involvement of Simon had to the Food for Thought project . There is a sense of shared ownership of the idea and a willingness to see it happen. Now, a year later, we are still referring to the workshops and quite a lot of the action plan is happening.”
Voluntary Action Lochaber (partnership building by Simon Michaels) 

” As a result of Simon’s work with us, we’re clearer about our purpose, our values, our key business objectives and our strategies for achieving them. Simon managed to lead us through the process and contributed as part of the team, constructively challenging us to be clear in our communication to the world at large.”
Mediation at Work (CEO mentoring by Simon Michaels) 

” The team development sessions have been critical in improving the confidence and effectiveness of our team. Our needs are met in every session, and by quickly making the team comfortable Emma Falkner creates a space where we are able to explore individuals’ development and the broader role of the team in providing a service of excellence for young people.”
Head of Services for Young People, Rhondda Cynon Taff County Council (training by Emma Falkner)