The courses


The 7 day challenge –  free for 15 days

This is a taster of mindfulness practice. We email you one exercise each day. All are simple, most only take a few minutes, and some are just about doing things in a different way.

Includes full membership for one month, giving you access to our full library of over 80 articles and guided meditations.

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Mindfulness in 6 minutes

A mindfulness course for the super-busy and highly-stressed.

You’re dead busy, over-worked, and too stressed to do anything about it…..almost.

If you need to do something that fits around your busy life, this is for you.

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The full 9 week course

Our 9 week course is the equivalent of the common 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. Only you do it when you can; so you never miss a class and get behind! Cohorts start on the same day to allow student interaction and weekly live webinars.

There’s also far more material than can be covered in a workshop format and it comes at a fraction of the cost, with lifetime access.

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