Now’s the time for an online mindfulness course

Take advantage of being locked down at home, by taking a 6 week
online mindfulness foundation course with webinars 


COVID offer: £99 (normally £198)
includes course and 12 months membership

Offer closes shortly for first 100 places

The 6 week Mindfulness Foundation course

How will this help me?
Reduce the stress of COVID – you’ll learn how to stay calm, manage anxiety, develop positivity, and feel better resourced to face new challenges. It also gives you support for a full 12 months.

All you have to do is…
Commit to 5 minutes quiet time every morning and evening, and pause to take frequent  ‘mindful moments’ during the day.

Why is this better than an App?
You get personal support from me and structured programme  - I have guided over 500 people through mindfulness training using a combination of online materials and webinars.  I have 20 years experience in mindfulness/meditation practice and teaching.

What's it going to cost?
The price of the course and ongoing membership support for a year is £198 (about one third of the normal cost of workshop-based courses)…

......but right now, to help everyone, I am offering this at 50% LESS!!  So £99. This offer is limited to the first 100 people.

You also get:

12 months membership that gives you loads of online resources, fresh materials every week and a Facebook support forum. And you can join a daily 8am meditation session on Zoom.

 What's included

To start with, we clarify what mindfulness is and the science of how it works. You'll be given a programme, to do 5 minutes quiet practice each morning and evening, then find ways to integrate these skills into everyday activities, developing reminders and triggers.

The core practices help you to keep calm using simple tools like focusing on the breath, and becoming more aware of body sensations as an early warning system for stress rising.

With these skills, your emotional intelligence will develop, and we include exercises such as mindful listening, and practical suggestions for using this in meetings, emails and all forms of communication.

You will explore how kindness is an effective tool that makes everyone work together better, and practice gratitude to build a more positive outlook.

You will also learn how to develop resilience to difficulties and change, clarify your values and intention, and make a commitment to a better work-life balance.

We also include some self-care recommendations including diet, sleep and exercise.

You get unlimited access to course materials, webinars (recorded in case you miss one), and all the other membership benefits and weekly updates.

Does it work?

We've run these courses for over 500 people in the last 3 years with  over 70% Avg. better capacity to manage stress.

Here’s what one trainee said recently:

 I would recommend anyone who is trying to take control of their whirlwind lives give this course a chance because I have felt more grounded, massively more focused and generally happier since I started it.’
Peter E

What you get from a guided course

  • be guided and motivated, with full notes, more guided exercises, audio files (guided meditations), log book and many more materials than in the member's resources
  • attend webinars with interaction, support and motivation from Simon and from each other
  • join a morning meditation session to start the dry well
  • join a private Facebook ‘share & support' group

Taking an online course with webinars not only cheaper than doing a workshop based course, but also you can go back to the online materials any time, when it suits you. Webinars are recorded too so if you ever miss one you can catch up in your own time.

Sign up  soon for half price offer


To join this course and 12 months membership, you pay just £99 - that's half price.
You get 10 days to trial it risk-free.

Once you sign up we'll let you know webinar programmes, but you can start on the online guidance right away.

If you're a manager in an organisation looking to provide this training for your teams, we can take groups of up to 25 people and guide them through a bespoke course with regular webinars. Contact us to find out more: