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mindfulness-based coaching to help you cope with stress or find a new direction

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Would you like to manage stress with ease, focus better and get more done in less time? Wouldn’t it be nice if you got on better with colleagues and clients?

Do you want get your life back, have fun, and feel that you’re flourishing again?

If this rings bells for you, call. Set up a free scoping call with Simon, who has 30 years’ experience using coaching and mindfulness skills to overcome stress at work.

Simon is a qualified coach, a great listener, and can make individualised mindfulness practice suggestions. Most coaching is by Zoom.

The outcome:

  • stay calm & get more done
  • learn how to meet difficulties and challenges with ease
  • feel more confident
  • embrace change and uncertainty
  • improve mental and physical health and energy

Simon provides:

  • personal commitment and support from a trusted, mature professional
  • 30 year’s experience of business and mindfulness/meditation
  • an open, non-judgemental approach and intense listening