These short videos show how we work with you, and the stages in the training.

Stage 1: Scoping

We start by meeting or holding a video call to make sure we know exactly what your employees issues and needs are. We then design a programme with costed options.

Stage 2: The Taster course

A great place to start is to offer a large number of people the Taster Course.

This helps filter people for the next stage, so that those who do the full training know exactly what to expect and are fully committed.

Stage 3: The full training

The full training normally takes 8 weeks but can be shorter. It contains all you find in a standard mindfulness course, but adapted to our ‘little and often’ model and geared to real workplace stress points.

This video shows what people learn.

Stage 4: Evaluation and keeping it going

We can give you a full report on the impacts, and you coould also opt to take part in a long term research project.

We also help keep trainees going after the training is complete, so that the investment builds.

LATEST NEWS: See our app – Five to Nine – one minute of mindfulness each day.

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