The practice of dana (generosity)

In the Buddhist tradition, the teacher does not charge a fee, but is given 'dana'  - a gift of money or something else of value or beauty.

My dana is to you is to share this profound teaching through meditation sessions, retreats, webinars and mindfulness tools. All are welcome.

If you would like to donate, this would be very much appreciated, especially as most training work is on hold during Coronavirus lockdown. Please consider what you would expect to pay for other training, therapy or coaching.

Furthermore the giving of dana is actually a practice in itself  - in giving freely and generously, we open the heart, break down the sense of self, and contribute to the flow of abundance.


You can donate here using your card (securely via Stripe)
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OR by BACS to 089300 14485271

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"The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose."