Free mindfulness tools

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Stress check tool

This checklist helps you chunk down stress at work, so you can see what you need to address, and has some suggestions about what to do next. Click on the image to open.

Anxiety check tool

This checklist helps you identify how anxious you are and makes some useful suggestions abut getting help. Click on the image to open.

Mindful breathing

Breathing is the most practised from of meditation. It helps us develop calm awareness, and improves concentrative focus.

When you're ready you can play the following short audio track, or download it to use later.

3 minute track:


Body scan

The body scan is a core tool in developing calm and mindful awareness. By tuning in to tensions in the body, this acts as a early warning system for stress arising, giving us a moment which to step back and get perspective.

Use this 10 minute guided practice, to listen to now or to download for later use (a great thing to do at bedtime).

10 minute track:

lie on floor

The Five to Nine app

You can get a free app that gives a one-minute inspiration and mindfulness tip each weekday. Use desktop version or get the mobile app. See an introductory video here.

Get the app (you'll need to register separately):

Preparation for sleep

Prepare well for sleep with these tips:

  1. Let go of the day - make a commitment to leave your worries until tomorrow (by sleeping on it you may find an answer anyway)
  2. Do some exercise before bedtime.
  3. Eat and drink lightly, and minimise alcohol
  4. Forgive others - have compassion for them instead
  5. if you wake in the night use it as practice time eg mindful breathing
  6. Take a walk in the light during the day to reset your internal clock
  7. Keep regular bed times and routines

Meanwhile here's the track to use later:

10 minute track:


sleep 2

The Path Leads Here

You can get a free, signed paperback copy of my book - just pay p&p.

It is a collection of short essays, ideal for quick inspirations on how to live mindfully in a busy world. Click here to order.