Manage stress, work and in lockdown!

How to reduce stress, stay calm, improve focus and flourish...
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How mindfulness works

Get focused

Improve concentration and be less distracted by worries about what's in the past or what might happen in the future.

Stay calm

Learn to pause before reacting, giving yourself a moment to stay grounded, get perspective, and respond wisely.

Be amazing

Open your mind to new ideas and be more creative, get on better with colleagues and clients, and be your best.


 - feedback from latest training cohort
(Nov 2019, see report)


less stressed
& more focused


more productive
& creative


& better teams

What our trainees say...

Vanessa U

"Since starting Mindfulness, I have really started to notice the difference short practises make.  

Overall, I feel I am starting to gain control of manic days at work, reducing stress and anxiety when work is spiralling."

Katherine B

"Starting the day with mindfulness helps calm me and have a more positive approach to tasks during the day.  This greatly reduces stress and anxiety.

I feel through my practices, I have been far more focussed and have actually completed work quicker."

Richard M

"I have encountered some of the techniques utilised in the mindfulness training before, but this course combined the most effective practices from these in a way that was accessible and interesting.

Very worthwhile and useful!"

Jayne T

" I had reached a point where my life felt out of control. I was very unproductive in work. But now I feel calmer and as if I can face things. I feel happier in myself.

I am noticing a big change in work with how I approach tasks and how quickly I get them done."

Let's find the right tools and training to
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Offer relevant tools and training for my employees to reduce stress, improve productivity & wellbeing, and support good mental health in my business.

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