Creating a mindful organisation

What is a mindful organisation?

We're in a period of change and challenge. 

How do we respond to artificial intelligence, robotics, and
a fluid and insecure social and financial environment?

To be successful in meeting values and mission, in the future,
organisations will need to 
start adapting now.

We think this is as much about a philosophical approach,
as it is about creativity and innovation.

Forming an actionable strategy

Stage 1 : Values and purpose

Reviewing and updating values and mission statement to be clear and relevant to client needs, now and in the future.

Stage 2: Mindful leadership

From the top, through all layers of management, developing skills and approaches that underpin a sustainable, value-driven business.

Stage 3: New protocols

Adopting new approaches to management, in activities such as meetings, that embed mindful listening and altruism.

Stage 4: Mental health

Creating a workplace culture that is open to, recognises, accommodates and acts positively with regard to mental ill-health.

Stage 5: Buildng community

Building social infrastructures for staff and clients, to feel part of a community, working to common values and supporting each other.

Stage 6: Nurturing resilience

Providing the tools and skills for employees to adopt good habits of mental and physical health so they flourish, whatever arises.

I would love to help you...

I have an interesting set of qualifications to help.

I've been a sustainable business advisor for 30 years, working for agencies and government, and have set up 7 successful enterprises.

I combine this with a philosophy of kindness and humanity from over 25 years committed meditation practice, and its application to the workplace through mindfulness training. We also advise on mental health strategies.

Let's explore this. Our first meeting is on the house.

Mindfulness training for workplace stress reduction