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The Starter Kit - get a simple introduction to mindfulness and a couple of core practices, as animated videos.

Five to Nine app  - a daily mindfulness reminder and library of tips. You can get the full version free for 6 months (worth £29)

Webinars– monthly lunch-time webinars with a guest expert on some aspect of managing workplace stress (worth £9 each)

The Stress Check tool– helps break down the things that cause you stress into manageable chunks

The Path Leads Here, free e-book– is Simon’s 121 page book of essays on living mindfully (worth £4.50)

The Taster course  - a short course introducing what mindfulness is, how it works, and some core mindfulness practices (worth £15)

Mindful meetings course - a short course on how mindful communication can be the basis for better meetings (worth £15)

Coaching and retreats  - enabling you to go deeper, with a 10% discount for members

Monthly bonus. Each month we'll offer a new mindfulness-based tool and send tips by email.

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Guided courses that help you re-programme your brain,
so that you change the way you react to stress, permanently (if you do the work!).

It's all made terribly easy with our unique 'little & often' model.

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Manage Workplace Stress

Manage Workplace Stress course

This 8-week course is designed for busy people and based on our unique 'little & often' model, using online materials and email prompts.

Manage Stress for Lawyers

Mindfulness training for lawyers

A 6 week, condensed course is based on the Manage Workplace Stress model, but adapted for those working in law or legal services.

Manage Stress for Accountants

Mindfulness training for accoutants & legal services

A 6 week, condensed course is based on the Manage Workplace Stress model, but adapted for those working in financial services.

Carers in fostering & adoption

Mindfulness training for fostering and adoption

This 6-week course is designed for carers and support workers involved in  fostering and adoption, plus mindfulness tools for kids.