Using the body’s wisdom (video)

Simon explains why tuning into the body is a key tool in mindfulness. 

Enlightenment sometime – compassion now

Enlightenment is not that difficult to find. In fact, the real trick is just to let go enough to see what’s already there. Not that letting go, fully, to the …

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How to say no, nicely

With today’s relentless workload, sometimes the best thing for your mental health and productivity, is to say no. Being assertive means standing up for yourself, or others, and communicating what …

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How to take a break from the mad buzz

Most of us know the feeling – there’s too much to do, we’re under pressure, and we feel like a rabbit frozen in the headlights. Things get cloudy, our normal …

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How to be Brilliant

How much of the time are you totally amazing? What gets in the way? How can you let your light shine? Most of us are not all we could be. …

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Dealing with dullness in meditation (video)

How to stay awake and undistracted in meditation or mindfulness practice, when the mind gets dull or distracted. Simon responds to a student’s question.

How to meditate (video)

A simple animated video that shows how simple and natural meditation is – and the difference between meditation and mindfulness. Part of the Starter kit in Free Tools and the …

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Keeping the practice going in daily life (video)

An answer to a student’s question on how to bring your practice off the cushion and into daily life. In particular, Simon explains how mindfulness helps us tune in to …

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Avoiding disappointment

We live with two motivations: avoiding what we don’t want, and seeking what we do want. Inherent to this approach is disappointment, failure, loss, self-criticism and depression. So why do …

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