Foundations of mindfulness retreat

Retreats are an opportunity to deepen one’s practice, and essential if one really wants to progress beyond the 8 week course. You’ll have to have done this course or have equivalent experience to attend.

On retreat, there is the time, quiet, and safe space in which to practice for longer, with expert guidance from Simon. Retreats are held at the beautiful Maitreya House in Herefordshire.

Our format for first time retreats is from Friday evening to Sunday mid afternoon.

Here’s what some students on a recent retreat had to say:

“I haven’t been able to keep the smile off my face upon returning home from the retreat. Just by sitting, not talking, not analysing just being with myself, in the company of lovely people – some sadness buried deep within me was released and which then allowed joy to arise naturally of its own accord.”

“It allowed me to understand how to separate feelings from thoughts, and how interconnected they can be. It encouraged me to be more open, and get rid of some junk!”

“The retreat offers a safe place for exploring how the mind works; useful techniques to help manage thought processes in a more positive way;  a beautiful environment; invaluable insights and learning;  time out to experience the beauty of silence…..”

What you do on retreat

Retreats are generally silent – communication is kept to a minimum outside of the classes so that people can develop their practice undisturbed by the normal issues around interaction.

Friday evenings are an orientation and instructions are given for the rest of the retreat, so we ask you to arrive by 7pm – a light meal will be served.

A typical day will be to start at 7 with yoga and a quiet meditation, then there will be three classes of about 1 hour each during the day, between which everyone does their own practice following Simon’s guidance. Classes give everyone the opportunity to get instructions, ask questions, and may include mind-freeing exercises such as expressive artwork or just going for a country walk.

We serve you with wonderful vegetarian food and there is coffee and tea whenever you want it.

Accommodation is simple but comfortable, in either the house or the cabins, and you may be asked to share with one other.

The Foundations of Mindfulness course is an essential step in under-pinning your mindfulness practice. It breaks into four themes: celebrating this precious life; the ever-changing nature of phenomena; inter-connectivity; and the nature of suffering.

Book now for: June 8th (6pm+) to10th (3pm) – Foundations of Mindfulness
Cost £235 all-inclusive. Places limited to 9.

Terms & Conditions

Retreats are held at Maitreya House in a remote corner of rural Herefordshire.

Maitreya House