Webinar for Semrush on Managing Anxiety at Work, May 2023

This is a record of the webinar presentation, plus other links/references that are relevant.

Powerpoint download Presentation Semrush

References & books

Grattude exercise

STOP technique

Signs of mental health issues in your colleagues

Link to the 6 week online course

Link to the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Stress Check tool

Causes of stress, HSE
Wellbeing at Work report, CIPD 2021

John B Arden 'Rewire Your Brain'
Thich That Hahn 'The Miracle of Mindfulness'
Mark Williams 'Mindfulness, 'Finding Peace in a Frantic World'
Chade-Meng Tan 'Search Inside Yourself'
Matthew Walker ‘Why We Sleep’
Dr. Michael Moseley ‘The Clever Guts Diet’


Short instructional videos.