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These video-based guides introduce the core practices in mindfulness in more depth, and give you simple exercises to do.

While they are focused on managing stress at work they apply to all areas of our life.

Here are the themes:

About mindfulness - what it is and how it works

Getting started with meditation practice

Breathing practices - a core skill to use as a way to calm, centre and focus- in seconds!

Body awareness - the body is our early warning system and the key tool in developing emotional intelligence

Self-care & connection  - simple ways to feel more positive including gratitude practice

Managing workload pressure - the no. 1 cause of workplace stress

More core practices - mindful walking and mindful hearing

Kindness - a key tool that's a win-win approach

Mindful listening & meetings- a key skill in the workplace and socially!

Dealing with difficulties  - managing strong emotions and conflict

Review your practice  - find out what works for you and what holds you back