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Welcome and thanks for signing-in. On this page you'll find a number of free tools. Mindfulness is really simple, but if you can integrate it into daily activities it leads to being more calm, focused and productive. Check out whatever takes your fancy here, but I suggest regular practice of breathing and body scan as your primary tools.

Open sessions:   (see recordings  below)

Session 1, 17th Feb 9.30           Calm down it’s Mindfulness
Session 2, 3rd March 9.30         A Mindfulness Sandwich
Session 3, 17th March 9.30       Mindfulness and Me


Hello from Simon!  I have over 25 years experience of mindfulness and meditation.

It's been a huge help in meeting some serious challenges.

Read more about me and Mindful Work.

A quick introduction to mindfulness

These short animated videos are a great place to start.

Also, see this short PDF on Brain science

Tip 1 -Why we need mindfulness

Tip 2 - How mindfulness works

Tip 3 - How to meditate

Tip 4 - Mindful breathing (with a guided practice)

Tip 5 - The body scan (with a guided practice)

Stress check tool

This checklist helps you chunk down stress at work, so you can see what you need to address, and has some suggestions about what to do next. Click on the image to open.

The 10 second re-boot

This is a really quick way to calm down, once you're familiar with it.

Practice this every hour, or before you're about to do something challenging.

Managing workload in stressful times

These days we seem to have more and more to do in less time, or with less resources. It's important to put you down mental health first, however - that way you can maintain your energy and be more help to other people.

Recent research and useful guidance by the CIPD in January 2021 shows that stress related absence has increased, from an already high level where depression or anxiety accounts for 44% of work-related ill health and 54% of working days lost (HSE, 2019).

This video suggests some ways you can cope better.

Working from home

Many of us are currently working from home, with er due to lockdown or as an increasingly common new way to work. This can cause it's own stresses, including isolation, juggling roles, and lack of personal support.

This video explores how to stay healthy.

Are you keen to do more with mindfulness?

To properly develop healthy new ways to manage stress, and fall back in love with your life, takes skilful and repeated practice. Research shows that to make lasting changes, daily practice for 6-8 weeks is needed. This actually starts to re-programme the brain.

You need good guidance to to this properly and to stay motivated. If you are interested in doing a full course, let us know. UPP will consider how they can support you in this.

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More free resources

My You Tube channel: a collection of pithy reflections and practical advice on meeting life's challenges with ease.

Join my free Facebook Group Meditate at 8 with a 20 minute live-streamed meditation session each weekday at 8am (UK).

Join my free Facebook Group Mindful Minute with a 1 minute animated video (like the other ones here) live-streamed meditation session each weekday at 8.55am (UK).

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