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The 6 week workplace stress course

Course content

- about this course
- what is mindfulness?
- how it works / brain science

Week 1 - core practices
- how to practice
- mindful breathing
- mindfulness of body feelings

Week 2 - interconnections
- interconnection, gratitude & your gut
- the 10 second re-boot
- sleep and exercise

Week 3 - managing workload
- managing & negotiating workload
- exploring our values

Week 4 - managing interactions
- mindful communication
- kindness & compassion

- emotional intelligence

Week 5 - managing difficulties
- leaning-in with curiosity
- reframing
- pain management 

Week 6 - changing habits
- review your practice 
- habits
- longer meditations

- keeping it going
- your comments

Welcome - I'm so glad you're making a start

This course will help you to understand stress better, recognise your own patterns of reaction, and help you develop new, healthier responses. In the process you will become better at focusing on present activities, with less distraction in terms of past and future worries. You will also develop emotional intelligence, a key career skill. The tools and approaches are focused on the workplace, but are life skills for every situation.

I'm here to support you, so you can ask questions in the live sessions, but also feel free email me.